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Energy, Water & Climate Security


Wind, Sea, Sun & Water - Integrated Renewable Utilities


Water is required for energy generation, heating, and extraction of natural resources. Water needs energy for its extraction and treatment.

Therefore, there should be a balance between the consumed energy to produce drinkable water and the water needed for energy generation.


A secure energy system is the one that achieves that balance.



International Renewable Energy Agency - IRENA, 2015.


Energy & Water Security - Renewed

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Current & Future
Asset & Environment Management

Integrated Renewable Energy & Water Utilities

Vital Energy & Water Systems - VEWS


Uninterrupted availability of energy & water resources at affordable prices.


Low vulnerability,
Vital Energy & Water Systems (VEWS)

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Availability, Accessibility, Affordability &


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Off-shore wind

Realtime Renewable  Energy Generation
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Water Reservoir
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History is Written Later, the Future is Written Now 

Renewable Utilities

Utilities play the crucial role in reducing CO2eq and mitigating climate change, working in collaboration with governments and the private sector to increase the share of renewable energy generation and distribution in regional, national and global energy markets.

Sustainable Energy & Water Security

Climate change, population growth, and increasing demand for energy and water are posing significant challenges to national and regional security. It is increasingly necessary to adopt integrated and sustainable approaches that prioritise efficiency, conservation and the use of renewable resources.


A Secure VEW of All Our Futures

Consumer, Investor, Social & Environmental Value Across Operations











The social and economic impact of water and energy availability and access is significant and requires a comprehensive and integrated approach to address issues of health, economic development and environmental sustainability. 

Integrated Utilities - Value chain

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Academic & Scientific Resources

"The feature in which a related system functions optimally and sustainably in all its dimensions, freely from any threats."

Energy security – "Uninterrupted availability of energy sources at an affordable price."

"Meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

Azzuni & Breyer




World Commission on Environment & Development


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